We live in a time when websites have become part of our everyday lives, replacing newspapers and books, and offering users a whole range of new opportunities. You probably visit at least a few of your favorite places on the Web every day, whether it's for shopping, sending messages, playing games, checking the news or looking at pictures of your friends. With the help of websites, you can have fun, make a living, and even get to know other people.

So it seems that the ability to create websites would be extremely valuable. The Internet provides us with many opportunities for development, and knowledge about how the Internet is built allows us to understand the changes taking place in modern society and economy.

But have you ever wondered how to create your own website?

If you have, I invite you to take a journey with me. We will look at websites that you know and visit every day. By analyzing them, we'll use comparisons and analogies that will help you better understand how they are built. I've been a web developer and working on the web professionally for several years and I am confident that at the end of our adventure together, we will create your first website.

Thanks to Kvba for design help; Peter Mierzejewski, Paul Czerski and Greg Kaliciak for proofreading. Special thanks go to Veronica and Arnold.